Core Teen Behavior. …my daughter’s most useful friend ended up being extremely upset when my daughter’s grade in Physics was a 99% and her’s was merely a 98%.(Quote from the mom in the comments of this post.)


Core Teen Behavior. …my daughter’s most useful friend ended up being extremely upset when my daughter’s grade in Physics was a 99% and her’s was merely a 98%.(Quote from the mom in the comments of this post.)

I think I must be running in the wrong circles, because that’s not what I’m seeing down here in the trenches when I hear about these kids.

Here’s exactly what I identify with:

Had she allowed me to help… but I believe that mattered more to me than to her; she’s going to the ‘school of her choice’ (it simply wasn’t the school of my choice). (Quote from another mom, in the comments of this post.)

Which brings me personally to this list of Core Teen Behaviors that we’ve been compiling to remind myself, i am not alone.

  • 1)Crumpled (bad) Test’ packed in bottom of backpack. See story about Takeshi Kumon plus the birth of this Kumon worksheet.
  • 2) The ‘Missing Test’ is just a cousin of the ‘Crumpled Test.’ Am I the one that is only asked 50 times, ‘Are you sure they didn’t supply you with the PSAT test booklet back at college?’ to which 15 year old son responded, ‘I’m sure,’ each time asked. 7 months later on, I came across it in his backpack along utilizing the ACT test booklet which he also thought he didn’t get back.

This blogpost by my friend Catherine reminds me personally that ‘Missing Test’ belongs on Core Behavior list.

Update: oops Ms. K. did deliver home state test prep material (see below). Apparently, C. has a PACKET.

  • 3) Mom as Executive Function for Entire Family. Inspired by this post of Catherine’s:

C. demands some slack ‘first,’ before getting down to work. I protest, then cave. I become distracted & lose track of the time. C. will not see fit to remind me his fifteen minutes are up.

This will be my line that is favorite which I fully identify):

Constantly having to remember that is not doing just what is eating up what small executive function I have remaining.

Here certainly are a few others that I suspect should be on record too, but haven’t been able to verify:

  • 4) Referring for your requirements by first nick that is( name behind your back. This could be specific to teenage girls. Not sure. Haven’t witnessed boys carrying it out, but have surely overheard daughter refer in my experience as ‘Deb,’ on more than one occasion.
  • 5) Work Call Maneuver — I’m not sure this is even conscious, but when I say ‘no,’ they wait until we’m regarding the phone to inquire of again. The greater amount of crucial the phone call, the more likely I am to state ‘yes,’ just to make them go away. They must know this on some level.
  • 6) Dog Years — Time invested playing video games is determined in dog years, versus homework time, which is on the mo clock that is slow.

I Might Have Found The Focus

This will probably sound ridiculously obvious, but offered out there that it took me 7 months to figure out, I’m just going to put it:

Find a quiet, remote place to disseminate, arrange, and focus.

sample biology lab reports

I know, it’s so easy, right?

Until a couple of weeks ago, I was trying to study the home with kids tripping all over me personally. I could never look for a plain thing; I was disorganized, discombobulated so frustrated!

Day typical scene, any given:

Me personally: Pacing between the family area, kitchen, and dining space in search of some little sticky note where we’d written the solution to some long elusive problem.

Finally, I’d find it. Thrilled, I’d stand at the home counter wanting to solve a similar issue. And then, finally, on the cusp of ‘understanding,’ ……..boom:

‘ Can you make me lunch?’

And then it’d be gone… thought……evaporated……just like that.

Now I have my own little bunny hole, where I’m therefore happy, I would never ever come out.

Flipping Functions, Be Gone With You

Almost eight months in — and I think I may possibly be getting closer to conquering these suckers.

Today let’s just say this: no tears were shed.

PWNtheSAT says I have actually until and then we’re moving on to triangles monday. Yikes — my other pain point.

We actually went as far as to pull every function that is single issue out of the Blue Book (in other words. nested, graph, table, expression, word, and parabola), and I also’d state I’m about 3/4 of the way in which through them to someone else with them— to the point of being able to explain.

I’m hitting the graphs, which feels like a walk in the park as compared to the nested functions of today tomorrow.